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Miss Lily Moe – Wine Is Fine - Shakeabilly Radio

Miss Lily Moe – Wine Is Fine

With her first album release in 2013, Lily emerged not only as a singer of extraordinary talent, but also as a singer who hinted of volumes yet to be published.
Lily reveals a different personality in each number. To the brightest of melodies she often adds a blue note and to the most simple of lyrics she adds a sophisticated wink.
Her choice of numbers is exactly right – ranging from the slow and moody BROKEN HEART to the raging sounds of SAMMY THE RABBIT or DADDY YOU CAN`T COME BACK, all tracks have been written especially for Lily.
Lily adds a personal touch, a neat and provocative sense of beat and individualized styling.
The result is a recorded collection that´s lastingly pleasurable from beginning to end.
We think you´ll find this an album destined to occupy a very special place on your record shelf.


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